Monday, November 2, 2009

Megan fox pics. Some new pics.

Megan fox pics. Great picz:

megan fox picsmegan fox picsmegan fox picsmegan fox picsmegan fox picsmegan fox picsmegan fox pics
Pics included want a cool haircut, but do not know what to do? 10 pts more useful right person? if the last time I made I gave the lady a pic of Selena Gomez and she did a good job but I do not know what to do around the section of the neck length hair, the tips (not exactly the end, but I layers) from one roll to the outside and I do not like it. I try to comb as Audrina Patridge, kristen style stew Cuz I like their hair, but I do not know if it suits me and I have a problem with the layers before, also in the back, he just kinda sponges .. uh .. .. basically my goal is to make lengthy kinda like Megan Fox with layers and easy to do (cuz I can barely handle the hairdryer lol) oh ps. the iron thingy doesn't work on my problem .. cuz there Ive tried .. the only way to get rid of this ugly form is to make loops and I do not want to work every day on the rings false lol HELP! What do you think I should do w / my hair?, What is wrong with my hair before (which was Bangs btw) .. I do not know if I want bangs again, but I liked em I just wanted to change anyway help me!
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